Lahey method of palpating the posterior surface of the thyroid gland

Andy Lau Chuen Weng, Year 3, Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia

29th March 2016

The correct method of palpating, during examination of the thyroid gland, is while standing behind the patient. The examiner has an excellent feel of the anterior surface of the gland. Unfortunately, the posterior surface of the gland is not so easily felt. In 1926, Frank Lahey described a method of palpating the thyroid from the front [Lahey, 1926]. By this method, the posterior surface of the gland can also be examined.


The thyroid gland is fixed at the isthmus, which is attached to the trachea. The lateral lobes are mobile. Fingers can be inserted behind the lateral lobes when the lobes are lifted from their beds.

During regular anterior palpation, the thyroid is impalpable if the lateral lobes are small, because they sink back into the grooves beside the trachea and esophagus. Thus the Lahey method is most valuable when the thyroid enlargement is slight. Even in larger goiters, this method allows assessment of the consistency of tumors, their numbers and location, and the thickness of the lobes. It can also detect thyroid remnants left behind following an inadequate thyroidectomy (a cause of persisting hyperthyroidism).


Stand in front. Elevate the patient’s chin. This brings the trachea. Rotate the chin slightly towards the side of the lobe to be palpated to relax the sternomastoid. Place the thumb against the lower lateral portion of the thyroid cartilage and the upper trachea tracheal rings, and push the trachea laterally as far as possible, without causing choking: this will push the thyroid out. (Pushing on the trachea itself will cause choking, therefore push on the thyroid cartilage.) Insinuate the fingers of the other hand behind the sternomastoid and behind the pushed out thyroid lobe to palpate the posterior surface of the gland; at the same time use the thumb to feel the anterior. If in doubt, ask the patient to swallow (Figures).


  • Lahey FH. A method of palpating the lobes of the thyroid. JAMA 1926;86:813-814.
Lahey's Method Figure 1
Lahey's Method outlines
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One comment on “Lahey method of palpating the posterior surface of the thyroid gland
  1. medlabwisdom says:

    I would say “from behind the patient” as opposed to “from the patient’s backside only”.

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